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No leadership position has a greater impact on an organization’s success than the chief executive officer. Regardless of whether a new CEO is appointed from inside the organization or from the outside, the profile of the new chief executive officer should be a function of the specific impact the board wants the next CEO to have on the business and the skills it will take to accomplish that.

We provide advice, counsel and coaching for long-term succession planning, medium-term orderly CEO succession and emergency search for companies in crisis. Our senior consultants are expert advisers on candidate assessment and CEO selection, and are ideal catalysts for discussing and implementing an objective, board-driven process. Combining industry knowledge with deep relationships, we help clients identify, recruit and develop chief executive officers who will thrive and drive their organizations to succeed.

We are committed to our clients’ success.

We successfully conduct more than 300 CEO search, succession and transition advisory assignments each year, backed by 60 years of experience advising boards across the globe on transitions. We advise chairmen, sitting CEOs, HR leaders and private equity investors on numerous leadership issues, including executive assessment, leadership development and CEO onboarding.
Spencer Stuart has handled 20 percent of the CEO changes across the top 300 companies in Europe, and led more than one-third of CEO searches within the S&P 500 that went to external search — the highest share of any firm. Four times more shareholder value was created at companies where we placed the chief executive.
We have assessed more than 1,000 CEO and CEO-ready candidates for capability, CEO aptitude, cultural impact and stretch potential. For companies with revenues of more than $2 billion, our CEO retention rate stands at 93 percent.