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As key drivers of innovation, speed to market, process improvement and product development in an increasingly digital world, the role of the software engineering leader has risen in prominence. No longer isolated to managing back-office technologies, organizations across industries are now looking for technical leaders who can help transform business strategies into actionable plans and who can help build superstar teams in a highly competitive talent landscape.

Our team understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to engineering and technology leadership, especially as lines continue to blur between functions. It can be challenging for organizations to determine which skills they will need going forward, especially if these roles are new. We advise organizations on the types of leaders who will best align with their strategic needs and distinct cultures.

We are committed to our clients’ success.

Recognizing the strategic importance of the engineering leader early on, we have been conducting assignments in this space for nearly a decade and are a market leader in engineering leadership searches.
We combine deep understanding of the engineering talent landscape with specialized expertise in industry sectors and geographies to help organizations find the right leader to fit their specific needs. Our consultants work with a broad range of businesses, from startups to multinationals spanning digital pure-play, e-commerce, industrial, retail and consumer packaged goods organizations.
Our strong relationships with a broad pool of senior technology and engineering executives give us access to the most sought-after leaders and rising stars in these areas, and help us stay up to date on the issues facing this constantly evolving environment.